Science and Art Patreon Projects

If you like my ceramic jewelry you may enjoy my fine art and science, scifi and political Patreon project. I will post images from my completed projects here now and then. For detailed explanations of projects, art you can download, Patron-only freebies and behind the scenes work in progress, visit my Patreon page!






A digital file of one of my press-molds

Amy roth art pressmold



peppers by amy davis roth

Here is me drawing some birds in the app Procreate.

Time-lapse of me inking in a drawing of a fruit tree grafted with 4 citrus varieties.


Time lapse of a drawing of the basic shapes of bacteria.

Time lapse drawing of the life cycle of the bacteria Chlamydia.

Chlamydia infecting a cell at approximately 48 hours. 3ftx3ft Acrylic on Canvas. Learn more about this project here.
Chlamydia painting

Coloring Print of Bacteria.

Bacteria coloring flt med
Time lapse of me drawing an ammonite.


gif ammonite drawing





Space Skull pen and ink coloring poster. Learn more about the art here. Buy a poster with markers here.

space skull



Radiolaria pen and ink coloring poster. Buy a poster with markers here.




Ammonite pen and ink coloring poster. Buy a poster with markers here.

Ammonite for coloring sm

The Chemistry of Rose Scent” Learn more about this painting here.

rose chemistry


Capsaicin and the Science of Hot Peppers” featuring the Padrón pepper. Learn more about this painting here. Purchase a signed print here.

pepper BETTeR small



Thinking About Bioluminescent Research” 3ft by 4ft Acrylic on Canvas.  More info about this painting here. You can purchase a signed print here.

Thinking About Bioluminescent Research SMALL


Bioluminescent Jellyfish” painting with the lights on and off! More on this project here.
Buy a signed print here.



Radio Astronomy Decorative Ceramic Plate. 

Radio astronomy plate sm

Radio Astronomy plate front and back sm



“Flame Test” series of 11×14 paintings. Acrylic on Canvas. More on this project here. Buy a set of prints here.

flame test all sm 2

Flame Test” Animated gif of paintings.






“New Horizons and Pluto” painting. Acrylic on Canvas 3ftx4ft  More info about this project here.  Buy a print here.

New Horizons Painting by Amy Davis Roth med




Von Economo Neuron Painting. Acrylic on Canvas 3ftx4ft More info about this project here. Buy a print here.

Neuron for print small




DNA” painting. Buy a print here.

DNA painting




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